Lingerie Care

Lingerie In The Laundry 

You have just spent a pretty penny on the most alluring and sexy lingerie , but how do you care for and launder you new lingerie ? 
Follow these helpful tips below to ensure that you get the longest life from your new purchase . 
Whether you need to wash your lovely lace panties , bodysuits , teddies or night gowns , these simple steps will help you out . 
* Unless stated otherwise on the garment label , hand wash them in warm water using laundry detergent that does not have enzymes in it . 
* When hand washing , use agents plunging action and avoid rubbing or scrubbing.
* Never hand wring or tumble dry your lingerie .
* Always lay flat  and dry in the shade 
* If ironing is a necessity , keep your iron on the lowest possible setting . 
* For stockings , hosiery and tights - wash separately from other garments as they may transfer dye , effecting your other lingerie. 
*If you need to wash in the machine , use a lingerie laundry bag , follow the manufacturers machine wash instructions and always use the delicate cycle.
washing lingerie

Storing Your Delicates 

Lingerie is often pricey and delicate , so don't just toss it into a drawer for storage .
Place a lining into the bottom of your drawer to help prevent snags and small pulls and tears.
Fasten hooks on bras and fold your bras with one cup into the other to help maintain shape . 
Hang lingerie such as baby dolls , chemises , robes , nightgowns and bodysuits in the wardrobe and leave enough space so as they are not crushed by other items. 
Place a pot puri or scented satchel into your drawers or wardrobe to help keep your lingerie smelling fresh . 
These tips will help increase the lifespan of your stunning new lingerie .
lingerie drawer