Toy Care

Caring For & Cleaning Your New Toys 

Now that you've chosen the perfect toy to bring extra excitement to your bedroom,
it's time to learn how to care for your new investment. 
Follow our guidelines below to ensure that you get the longest life and enjoyment from your purchase . 
Todays toys & accessories are made from all different types of materials and each of these materials will need a different type of cleaning. 
For almost every toy , a simple and effective anti bacterial soap and warm water clothe after very use is fully recommended. 
Another excellent cleaning option is an antibacterial cleaner / spray .
This will ensure that your toys are totally clean and free from bacteria. 
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Read Instructions & Product Specs Before Use 

Before you use any toy , please make sure that you rad any instructions that come with it .These will highlight the manufacturers recommendations for cleaning , maintaining and storing your toys. 


Cleaning Your Toys 

Glass & Silicone Dildos 

Glass Massagers/Dildos & any dildos made from silicone can often be boiled in hot water for 2 Minutes to eliminate any bacterias that may be lingering after use .
Another great tip is to run your dildos through the dishwasher on the top shelf .
Please ensure that your product is waterproof before you fully submerged under water. 

Plastic & Jelly Toys 

For plastic & jelly toys , you can wipe them down with a wet cloth or with an anti bacterial toy cleaner / spay after each use. 


Rubber Toys 

Rubber toys and accessories are of a porous nature , therefore it is recommended to use condoms and to wash the toy with anti bacterial soap/spray then rinsed with water after every use . You should do this even if you haven't use a condom at time of play .
Remember to always ensure that your toys are dry prior to storage . 

Storage Of Your Toys 

After your toys have been thoroughly cleaned and have air dried , they should be stored correctly. 
Always make sure that the lube you choose is suitable for the toy material that you have chosen. 
For silicone toys , always ensure that you use a silicone lube. 
Always keep your silicone toys seperate from each other when in storage . In time , silicone stored together and touching will bond together , become sticky and melt your toys together.
Never store your toys in a plastic bag unless they are 100% dry . If you store them wet , mould will grow on your toys and create health hazard for you .

Maintenance Of Your Toys

When it comes to maintaining your toys with batteries , the life can be extended by removing the batteries when not in use . 

This will keep them from running low and also removes the risk of a battery leaking or rupturing inside your toy and ruining it. 

The removal of batteries will eliminate the possibility of your toy accidentally turning itself on at an inconvenient moment . 


With proper care and cleaning , you will have a long & happy relationship with your new toys.